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“If you want a job done, give it to Simon. A polemicist, activist, tireless campaigner, Simon has ‘nous’, political acumen and dedication in abundance. And he’s a great man to be around.”

Designer, author, builder and
Grand Designs TV
presenter Kevin McCloud
“I've known and worked with Simon over a number of years - at WWF-UK, at the UK Green Building Council and the Great British Refurb Campaign. If you need some creativity, great writing or someone to manage a set of complex relationships, plan campaigns and co-ordinate all the logistics to put on great events, I'd suggest you give him a call. There aren't many people I know who combine the experience of a tax man, a tabloid journalist and a sustainability campaigner to such powerful effect!"

Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council,
Paul King.
“[In delivering the ministerial commitment on zero carbon housing], it went down to the wire with some real heavyweights round the table and Simon got all our asks through by a combination of persistence, eloquence and working stupid hours combined with his trademark big brain and slightly scary attention to detail. Fantastic piece of campaigning.”

WWF’s Head of
Colin Butfield
Proportion of my clients who said they would definitely offer me more business: 100%
what they say